Micronized coal is coal pulverized to micron-size particles.

Average particle size is about one-fifth  (1/5)  diameter of a human hair.

A unit weight has over 300% more surface area & over 600% more particles compared to conventional pulverized coal.

Produces a very-compact flame - more efficient combustion - high heat liberation rates compared to an oil flame.

Potentially can burn in boilers & chambers normally used for oil.


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Pennsylvania State University Scanning Electron Microscope image of micronized coal taken at 2,400 magnification.  NOTE:  Largest particle is about 10 microns in width, which is: (A). less than one-fifth (1/5) diameter of a human hair, and (B). why it has combustion characteristics similar to oil,

EPI Micronization Mill - Conceptual Illustration

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